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How do I change display units to metric or standard (cm/inches)?

Display units of measurement can be changed in settings->preferences. continue reading

How do I change my password from the app?

Navigate to settings -> preferences and press the password button where you will be prompted to either change, reset, or recover it. continue reading

How to create an account?

From the welcome page, when you first open the app, click the sign up button and follow the prompts. If someone else is signed in, they must sign out first before you can create a new account. After the registration process is complete, you must verify your email before you can log in. continue reading

How to remove a device from "My Devices"

Open up the device settings for the device you want to forget by clicking the gears icon from the device page. At the bottom of the settings, press “Forget Device”. continue reading

How do "goals" work?

Goals can be used to track the progress of your active time, calories burned, distance travelled, and power generated stats from using our smart devices. Navigate to the goals page by pressing on the progress bar located in the dashboard of the app ... continue reading

How often does the leaderboard get updated?

The leaderboards get refreshed and updated at the start of every month.  continue reading

How do I change my profile photo?

From the dashboard (main page), click on your name to open up your profile page. From there you can click on your current profile image to change it to a new one. continue reading

How do I edit my birthday, height, or weight?

Birthday, height, and weight can be found in settings -> personal where you can change each one individually by clicking on its current value. continue reading

How do I change the name of my device?

Tap the device’s current name from the device page or settings and a prompt will appear allowing you to change the name. continue reading

How to add a device to "My Devices"?

Devices are automatically added to “My Devices” when you connect to them. Unless you "forget" this device or are already connected to another device, the app will attempt to automatically connect when you first open it if a device in this list is within range. continue reading

Why is the app is requiring me to create a new account every time I open it?

You are likely registered as a temporary user, which happens when email is not verified. Please ensure that you verify your email when you create your account. continue reading

How do "challenges" work?

Challenges are simple tasks, such as “bike one kilometer”,  that awards badges when they are complete. You can display up to three favorite badges on your profile. continue reading

How to connect to a device?

Navigate to the connections page where the app will begin scanning for devices if you have bluetooth enabled. Click on the device you want to connect to and press “connect” from the device page. If you do not see your device you can scan again by dragging the screen down from the connections page. continue reading

How do I change my privacy settings from the app?

User privacy can be updated from settings -> preferences. You can change whether your personal info is “private” (hidden from everyone except yourself), “friends only” (hidden from everyone except yourself and your friends on the app), or “public” (can be seen by all users of the app). continue reading

How to use Siri/google assistance with my device?

To connect your desk to Siri for IOS or Google assistant for Android you must already be connected to a desk through the app. Navigate to the device settings by clicking the gears icon in the top right of the device page ... continue reading