Assembly problems with my desk

My Ergonomic desk has 4 extra holes: The Ergonomic desk is not as wide as other desks, therefore it has shorter support frames which only require 4 holes instead of 8. The holes on my Large Rectangular desk do not align with the support frame: Some of our desks arrived with a manufacturing defect and were sent out before we had a chance to drill new holes ... continue reading

My desk is not moving up or down

Confirm the desk has been receiving power. If the desk plays a brief vibration shortly after it is plugged in, this indicates it is powered on. Other ways to check this is to download the Ergonomyx app to see if the desk is recognizable through bluetooth, or by "pinching" the desk's touch sensors then touching the top or bottom sensor to see if the desk moves ... continue reading

How do I disable the accelerometer?

To disable the accelerometer, use the Ergonomyx app and go into "desk settings." There, you will see a toggle for the accelerometer that you can toggle off. continue reading

What do the haptics (vibrations) on the desk mean?

The following table explains what each sequence represents: continue reading

How do I use the capacitive touch sensor to get a preset?

Double tap the sensor on top to go to the “sitting” preset Double tap the sensor on the bottom to go to the “standing” preset continue reading

What are "gestures" and how do I toggle them?

“Gestures” are features where the desk capacitive touch pads do not respond to simple hand detection, you must “gesture” (tap) the capacitive touch pad with some force to move the desk. They can be toggled through the app, or by disabling the accelerometer. continue reading

How do I turn off the haptics (vibrations)?

They can be toggled on and off via the mobile app. continue reading

How do I update the desk firmware?

Desk firmware can be updated from the device settings page on the Ergonomyx app when the device is connected. In order to update the firmware, wifi credentials must first be shared with the desk (The desk is only compatible with 2 ... continue reading

How do I reset the desk with the haptic touch pads?

Pinch the desk capacitive touch pads (hold the top and the bottom) for over 10 seconds, then you will hear the desk play 13 long vibrations and the desk will play the “successful boot” vibration, which is 1 short vibration + 1 long vibration. continue reading

How do I set or edit a desk preset?

From the desk remote page on the Ergonomyx app, click the three dots next to any preset to edit the height. To add custom presets, click the plus icon from the remote page. Sitting, Standing and Biking presets are system presets that can be edited but not deleted by the user ... continue reading

How do I edit my desk settings?

When connected to a device on the Ergonomyx app, navigate to the device settings by clicking the gears icon in the top right of the device page. Certain desk settings, such as bump and tilt sensitivity, rely on the accelerometer and are only available if the accelerometer is turned on. continue reading

How can I clean my desktop?

Our desktops are coated to naturally repel liquids, so if you spill something you can rinse it off with water using a hand towel. Other cleaning products such as all purpose cleaners or surface cleaners work just as well. continue reading

Why is my desk only moving down and not up?

Occasionally, the capacitive touch sensor will only allow you to move the desk downwards, notifying the mobile app the desk is experiencing an “ASR” error, meaning the motor controller needs calibration ... continue reading

What is the capacitive touch sensor?

The capacitive touch sensor is a unique sensor available on all Ergonomyx sit/stand desk models. The capacitive touch sensor can be used to control the height of the desk using only touch and no buttons ... continue reading

Is the Cable Management Spine included?

These were included for free to our Kickstarter backers, and they can now be purchased for $44.99 as an add on to the desks. continue reading

Can you mount a monitor arm?

Yes! Our desktops are made from real bamboo using a special pattern to provide maximum strength, so screwing or clamping a monitor arm would not be an issue. They also have a UV-cured, water-based polyurethane coating which would protect against any scratches a monitor arm might cause ... continue reading

What are the dimensions of the different sizes of desks?

Ergonomic: 62x25 Inches Rectangular-L: 60x30 Inches Rectangular-M: 48x30 Inches continue reading

How do you protect against unintended height adjustments?

You can temporarily disable gesture and touch controls using our “locking” function to prevent unintended height adjustments. The locking feature is enabled or disabled by touching both the up and down sensors at the same time until a vibration is sensed. continue reading