I am having trouble connecting my bike to the app.

Troubleshooting 1. Try turning on "Location Services" on your phone, then restarting the app. The locations permissions for Ergonomyx must be turned on for the low-energy version of Bluetooth that the Under-Desk Bike utilizes ... continue reading

How do you turn the bike on to connect to the mobile Bluetooth app?

Pedal the bike for a few seconds, then the bike will turn on, and the battery should hold the bike on for about 2 minutes after the bike stops pedalling. continue reading

How fast do I need to pedal to stay connected to Bluetooth?

The bike should stay on for 1 minute after the bike has been pedalled at a speed of about 1 rotation per second. In rare cases, the bike should be pedalled at about 1 rotation per second to sustain Bluetooth connectivity. continue reading

How accurate is the "wattage generated" calculation?

Much development has gone into developing an accurate reading of the wattage generated into pedalling. The wattage should be accurate to +/-10% of the reading based on the generator and circuitry. continue reading

My Bike Won't Show Up Under My Devices

To fix this issue, first, stop pedaling and completely close the app. You can do this by force closing, swiping up to close the background run of the app, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. When that's done, wait 30 seconds before starting the app up again ... continue reading

My Bike is making a lot of noise!

This is not normal. If it's within the 2 year warranty period, please contact customer service for a replacement bike at continue reading

How long does the battery last on the bike?

Depending how charged the battery is, and the lifetime of the bike and battery, the bike battery can last up to 90 minutes (but there is an auto shut-off feature after 1 minute to save battery life). continue reading

How accurate is the "distance travelled" calculation?

The distance travelled is based on an average distance of bike pedal rotations, so should be that of a typical bike ride with the same amount of effort if you are using medium pedal tension. continue reading